Sunday, January 23, 2011

Visiting AP

Lunch with Anthony Powell,
He and V at ease in The Chantry.
A rather adorable niece
Hiding from me in the pantry.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Funny Sentences

Two sentences that are always funny:

1. "I didn't think it was that tacky."

2. "Why don't you have a mohawk?"

Or, as Lisa Simpson might observe, "How rebellious, in a conformist sort of way."

On International Relations Theory

In response to David Henderson,

may I submit that Henderson's perspective seems based on the premise that countries are moral actors in the same sense as individuals. Country A does something to Country B in the same sense as Bill does something to John. Whether applying the standards of interpersonal morality to international relations is suitable depends on whether you think countries are moral actors. I do not. Are a nation's "actions" not better understood as the outcome of social, political and economic exchanges by less abstract social actors, all the way down to the level of individual agents? These actions, of course, cannot be treated as aggregates of individual choices as these social actors are often in conflict with one another. And if so, can we not agree to give up on the principle of a universal moral standard for international relations?

Do as thou whilst, and that shall be the whole of (international) law.