Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mike and Dave write a Japanese lesbian love story.

D: So they’re sitting at the library, right?
M: Yes, on the uppermost floor. For privacy’s sake.
D: Books are strewn about.
M: In a most haphazard fashion.
D: What are they studying, then?
M: Oh, I don’t know. Does that matter?
D: Sure, gives a bit of atmosphere.
M: Hmm, that’s true. We need to create atmosphere.
D: Atmosphere’s important. Have to get it just right.
M: Well, what do Japanese schoolgirls study, then?
D: Let’s make them math books.
M: Any particular reason?
D: Well, Mike, we want them to be clever girls, don’t we?
M: Yes.
D: They’re not just a couple of bimbos.
M: No.
D: They’re modern girls, postmodern even, with complex characters.
M: Who study math.
D: Well, I was thinking that graphs and equations would look good on film. We’re cultivating a studious air.
M: A studious atmosphere.
D: Exactly. This is the story of a girl being drawn away from her studies, forgetting the sacrifices her poor parents have made for her, forsaking the many opportunities that lay before her, all for the sake of teenage lesbian love.
M: The one girl must be as studious as the other is hot.
D: Yes. They’re a mutually constitutive dramatic dyad.

M: Well, let’s focus on what the hot girl should look like.

D: I’m for making them both hot, mind you.
M: But in different ways.
D: Yes, we want to account for different kinds of Japanese hotness.
M: There’s a lot of girls in Japan, Dave.
D: Yes, well they will have to be archetypes.
M: So how do you see the temptress?
D: That’s a good word, Mike. The “temptress”. I was thinking short hair, short but very fashionable.
M: She’s wise in the ways of the world beyond the confines of their all-girls’ school.
D: Yes, very wise.
M: Perhaps we need some back-story. Explain how she became so wise.
D: I thought about that. You know how vending machines are really popular in Japan?
M: So I’ve heard.
D: Well, apparently there are vending machines where a man can purchase girls’ panties.
M: That’s something.
D: Previously worn panties.
M: Hmm, that’s quite nice.
D: Yes, quite. I suppose they wouldn’t be big sellers if they hadn’t been used.
M: Well, if they weren’t used, you’d do just as well buying a pair from the department store.
D: So what if our temptress has a job trying on the panties?
M: She makes them used panties, you mean?
D: Yes. Someone must, if claims as to the panties being used are authentic.
M: Well, it may just be some chemical process. A spray, perhaps.
D: Still, it must be distilled from the real thing in some way. Anyway, we can take our creative license and have the temptress trying on one pair of panties after another.
M: Squirming in them.
D: Yes, lots of squirming.
M: She’ll squirm about vigorously, so the panties are clearly used.
D: But listen, this is just a flashback we’re talking about here. The girls are at the library table for the first scene.

M: Well, how about we show her trying on the panties for her work, then as the camera joins the girls in the library it shows where her panties are suggestively visible just above her jeans.
D: That’s a fine idea, Mike. We fade from the shop floor, as it were, where all the squirming’s done, to the library, normally a scholastic environment, where the very same panties can be seen creeping above the line of her tight jeans.
M: And a decent amount of skin between the panties and her shirt.
D: They’ll have to be recognizably the same panties, of course. They could have a distinctive pattern on them. What should they look like, Mike?


White cotton panties
Worn thin by tender washing,
Lace on the elastic
Thin enough for flossing.

Dots of purple flowers
Each with a prickly stem,
Absorbent cotton for her,
After all, she’s squirmed about in them.

D: Alright, white cotton panties, then, with purple wildflowers. Silk would be more traditional, though, wouldn’t it?
M: Yes, but I imagine the vending machine panties are cotton. More absorbent.
D: I suppose our temptress took a pair home with her, is that the idea? A souvenir of sorts.
M: I think she’d want to.
D: So we’ve got the panty shot, then we face them and the temptress is whispering to the scholar.
M: What does she say?
D: How about we don’t hear it. But the effect of her words is evident from the countenance of the scholar.
M: Shocked, is she?
D: Yes. Something absolutely filthy has been said.
M: But we’ll leave it to the imagination.
D: Yes, the viewer can fill in some of the naughty bits. Viewers are awfully naughty, just like anyone else.
M: We’ll let their imaginations run wild.
D: And then the scholar says, “No, please, Yumiko. I must concentrate on my studies.”
M: The poor thing is troubled.
D: Yes, conflicted. Bound by duty.
M: But getting a bit hot under the collar.
D: Yes. Maybe the temptress has been at this for months.
M: Working on her.
D: Poking holes in the puritan façade.
M: Awakening the schoolgirl to her subconscious desire to be made to squeal at the hands of a skillful manipulator of her virgin body.
(They are both silent for a moment, and a bit flushed)
M: A kiss would be in order, I think. Something slopply. Loud and sloppy, with great sucking sounds.
D: No, something more enticing, I think.

The girl leans in and gives a breat
Thin lips brush her cheek.
Goosebumps rise along her neck

The gentle scholar’s all a flush.
Like the whisper of a distant waterfall
The kiss hints of a gush.

M: Well that sounds lovely, Dave, but you’re asking our young actress to walk a fine line there.
D: It’s not an easy part to play, I grant you.
M: The subtle come on, you know. If I read the poem correctly. A kiss that communicates incredible sexiness without the aid of great sucking sounds.
D: Well, the actress will no doubt be drawn from the ample ranks of Japan’s AV girls and so-called “gravure idols”.
M: The latter don’t take their clothes off, do they?
D: Such is my understanding.
M: Well, we don’t want one of them. Surely clothes have to be taken off at some point. We can’t just go hinting at gushes and never show the gushing.
D: I see your point.
M: The audience will be demanding a bit more. All these goosebumps and flushed cheeks will whet the appetite.
D: Yes. Some sort of dramatic release is called for. But it will happen naturally as our tale unfolds, you see. The schoolgirl’s resistance withers as the audience’s appetite whets.
M: Ending finally in a terrific climax.

Further installments to follow. Please stay tuned!

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